How you can Leverage Your Marketing With Video For The Fortune Hi-tech Marketing Business

How you can Leverage Your Marketing With Video For The Fortune Hi-tech Marketing Business

Within my previous article, How Important is YouTube for your Fortune Hi-tech Marketing Business, I spoken about YouTube Marketing With Video and the number of people you are able to achieve through YouTube. Are you aware that you will get rated in a single of or possibly two top ten spots on the internet almost overnight with marketing with video? What can a place on page one of Google’s search engine results cost for you?

So how do you do that every single day for which ever niche I select to obtain rated for? Just one factor will help you to climb the ranks from the almighty Google which factor is: market and keyword research. Market and keyword research is study regarding the language that individuals use within a internet search engine to obtain the information they’re searching for. Some test is very general. For instance: “Fortune Hi-tech Marketing”. By November 15th, 2009 this keyword returns 816,000 pages.

Now lets take market and keyword research a step further and check out “Fortune Hi-tech Marketing Comp Plan”. This search returns 25,600 pages. What exactly we have seen is it is going to be simpler to position for Fortune Hi-tech Marketing Comp Plan compared to Fortune Hi-tech Marketing. Why? Less pages to compete against.

Hold on! There is a little secret move the top earners make to make sure they be visible on Google’s first page. Once you have done your market and keyword research you will want to leverage your video. Exactly what do I am talking about by leverage your video? Leverage way to duplicate it multiple occasions. When I spoken about within my last article, YouTube makes up about about 50% of video searches. Well that leaves 50% with other video discussing sites. A couple of examples are Google videos, MySpace videos, etc. Really there’s an enormous listing of sites and new video hosting sites appear on a daily basis.

What Online marketers do would be to publish their videos to a number of these video discussing sites. This is because to obtain just as much exposure or Internet property as you possibly can for every video. So let us state that Google for many unknown reason doesn’t rank your YouTube video. If you possess the same video published on MySpace videos you’ve another opportunity to get rated. Again, the greater occasions the recording is published on several services, the greater chance you need to be rated.

It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to on line at any video discussing site. Then another five to ten minutes to upload a relevant video for your requirements. Not necessarily a bad use of your energy right? Problem. There are approximately 39 video discussing websites that Google likes. So, once you have produced your accounts in the 39 sites, how lengthy will it decide to try upload your video to 39 different sites? Yep, 39 sites occasions ten minutes equals 390 minutes or 6.5 hrs.

6.5 hrs is a concern. Marketing with video just grew to become a time consuming task. There’s two methods to solve this. Hire somebody to publish videos for you personally or automate. My estimation, you have to automate the recording posting process to be able to get listed in Google and Explode your exposure on the web.

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